This time is full of test!

This time is full of test! Our course will end soon. Yesterday we got our project. Our teacher, Miss Widya asked us to make a presentation about something that we could choose to present in front of the class.

I chose to present a brief biography of a well known person, his name is Bill Gates, he is the richest man in the world. I prepared my presentation very well I thougt. I discribed about him: he has 76 billion dollars, it’s fantastic, isn’t? He built company (Microsoft) since he was 20 years old althougt he never completed his college in university because he dropped out from Harvard university. He has a home worth 250 million dollars and must pay 1 million dollars for the tax. Now he chooses to be the filantrophy with his wife after establishing Bill and Gates Foundation and has donated 24 billion dollars. I also completed with some picture about him. I’m sure everything was ready and had been saved in my flashdisk well.

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